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Good News: Hot rod tykes get pulled over by officer


WTOC viewers have shared photos of police officers reading to students, escorting children to dances and events, and pushing disabled vehicles off the road. 

When Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Officer Michael Peplow arrived at the K-Mart in Savannah on a Saturday night to keep a tab on noise complaints and keep the music down - it was coming from a little corvette. 

"It sure was. The little pink, souped up, lit up corvette, with surround sound speakers and a pint-sized partner in crime, riding in a tiny BMW. The blue lights went on, and it was hands up," said Officer Peplow. "They seemed scared at first, but when people came around taking more photos, I think they enjoyed it."

The parents and friends got a kick out of the interaction and kindness of Officer Peplow, and they sent in picture after picture. The officer says there is a deeper message. 

"It shows the younger community if they are in trouble, they can come to us. We are not the bad guys," said Officer Peplow.

He just hopes these two buckle up and turn the music down, or he'll be back.

Anytime we can put the police in a positive light, it helps build that community relationship.

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