Community builds Hardeeville woman new home

Community builds Hardeeville woman new home

HARDEEVILLE, SC (WTOC) - A Hardeeville woman whose house was destroyed by a fire, then vandalized after she started rebuilding, finally has a place to call home thanks to a church and dedicated volunteers.

A devastating fire in 2014 wiped out everything Leola Webber owned. She didn't have insurance because companies deemed her 80-year-old house uninsurable.

"When we heard that her house had burned down that she didn't have any insurance, and after conversations with her we learned that she didn't have any real savings. We felt led by God to start the initiative," said H.L. Givens, Word of God Christian Center.

The initiative was to build a brand new house for Webber.

"We got donations. We got people who had contacts, electrical supply houses," said Givens.

Volunteers rounded up all the donated materials they could get from local businesses. From scratch they started building, but last year, they had a huge setback.

"When they vandalized this house, I thought it was the end of it but nobody else thought that but me," said Leola Webber, fire victim.

The received more community support after the vandalism and kept on building. Now, Leola, has a beautiful two-bedroom home. She had no idea the house fire would be a blessing in disguise.

"The things I have at this house, I didn't have it in that house. I didn't have central heating and air, but I've got it all now," said Webber.

She says she can't thank the community enough.

"I didn't have nothing. They donated all of their time, they donated their money. The churches donated money to help me get this house. The people of Hardeeville donated money. I'm just grateful," said Webber.

The church that lead the effort to get Webber a new house has since launched a non-profit organization to help people in need.

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