NFL player giving back to hometown

NFL player giving back to hometown

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - A National Football League player from Statesboro who overcame a childhood of challenges now hopes to help youngsters.

Deangelo Tyson may have grown up in an orphanage, but he used his football skills to earn a college scholarship and a career in the NFL. With that orphanage now closed, he looked for a way to help young men in the same challenges.

His first fundraiser last spring helped buy a closed golf course building to convert it to a transitional home for troubled young men. As that construction work starts, he and a group of volunteers work on plans to build a sports complex here that will serve those young men as well as hundreds of foster children in the area.

"From a year ago to say that I want to open a boys' home back in Statesboro and to now see the process going in that direction, is just a blessing," said Tyson, Baltimore Ravens.

He gets closer and closer to the goal of paying forward the help he received years ago. He hopes the next fundraiser in March is as successful as the one last year, or even more.

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