SCCPSS proposed bell schedule fails

SCCPSS proposed bell schedule fails

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Transportation woes for Chatham County parents continue.

Another solution to save costs was shut down at the Savannah-Chatham County Public School board meeting.

As you know, the board has been looking at ways to save at least $2 million. When parents argued against consolidated bus stops for specialty and charter schools, the board came up with this plan. Changing bell times for middle and high schoolers, proposing to start later. A 9 a.m. start time would have been almost an hour later for some schools.

But parents, don't panic. Board members voted against it.

Many took issue with the fact that parents weren't even surveyed this time but they were when it was about the consolidated bus stops.  This proposal was called the cluster model. A bus would pick up all the children in one neighborhood and designated area - regardless whether they go to the same school - that bus will then make multiple stops at different schools.

School officials also say that studies indicate later start times for teens can improve scores. But some fear this could still do more harm than good to students and their families.

"And a lot of parents are not for that because if they work – it puts another financial burden on them – not only will they have to pay for after school care but they're going to have to pay for the before care school too," said Allison Gard, parent.

Now board members weren't completely against the plan. They were in favor of clustering bus routes, just not with these times. We'll keep you updated.

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