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School bus runs off road, parents question safety


Some Chatham County parents are upset after a school bus driver apparently passed out and ran off the road Wednesday.

They want to know what procedures the school system has in place to prevent situations like this from happening. Wednesday, students told WTOC they were on the bus going down King George Boulevard when the bus started drifting off the road onto the shoulder, went through some shrubs, and came to a stop.

Students say the driver was slumped over at the wheel and didn't know what happened. About 15 to 20 students were onboard. They were a mix of Windsor Forest High and Bartlett schools.

Thankfully no one was hurt but parents we spoke with say this could have ended very differently.
“Had they been doing the speed limit down 204 and something like that would've
happened, you know... we're just glad it didn't,” said Phil Spears.
Spears says his daughter’s feelings about riding the bus have now changed.
"She's scared she won't even ride the bus so now we're making alternate plans to get her to school and back," he said.
We asked the Savannah Chatham County Public School System what measures are in place to make sure bus drivers are healthy enough to be behind the wheel.

They tell WTOC drivers from the bus service they use, Reliant, are required to complete physicals.

As far as the investigation into this particular incident, they say Savannah-Chatham Metro Police are investigating.

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