Driver's license security changes at military gates

Driver's license security changes at military gates

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - Visitors to Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield and other military installations who try to get a temporary entry pass with just a driver's license from one of five states can expect some delays.

Visitors with a driver's license from Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and Washington won't even get to the gate, due to the federal REAL ID Act of 2005 that just went into effect. It outlined timetables to allow states to add security provisions in their driver's license process to prevent people getting fraudulent ones.

Those five states have so far refused to add such measures. Military commanders here said soldiers, family members and civilian employees from those states already have military identification that covers them. The new measure applies to visitors.

"The only difference is visitors must bring some other form of identification than a license from those five states," noted LTC. Andy Rodgers, director of emergency services.

Alternative forms of identification could include a passport, employment documents or others. Rodgers said Fort Stewart had only seen two visitors impacted by the changes since they went into effect this week.

"We really don't have a lot of visitors from those states. When we do, it's always a case by case basis," he noted.

Fort Stewart is also adding ID card scanners to monitor who's coming on post, even with registered identification. It will recognize anyone wanted by military authorities locally or any other installations.

Commanders said they'll still try to work with visitors from those states to accommodate people whenever they can.

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