Flooding shuts down Savannah roads, drainage projects a priority

Flooding shuts down Savannah roads, drainage projects a priority

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some heavy rain leaving roads in the Savannah area flooded Friday.

The thunderstorms came through fairly quickly, dumping lots of rain. City leaders continue to urge folks not to take the re-occurring problem lightly.

City leaders urge to not drive through standing water, if a road is closed, it's closed and you can get ticketed for not following the rules. Keep the drains and the curbs clean. Often, homes are damaged by people who drive through and the wake then enters some homes.

"Sometimes the water levels will reach up to someone's home and it would recede with no problem. When people drive through them they create a wake and that can actually cause water to go into a house and cause property damage," said Emergency Management Director Dan Stowers.

The city says that drainage projects are a top priority. The big one now is President Street which will be a several year project. Alderman Julian Miller, as well as other council members met with the city manager and the city engineer to get an idea of where the projects stand and how much it will cost.

It is a complicated process because it involves digging up streets, affecting people's homes. They also need to figure out where they want that water to go, will they re-purpose it or send it out to the canal and all the way to the ocean? Miller tells WTOC that the money is there.

"We have money to do this. Is it enough? I do not think we know yet. The first time they sent out a contract on this thing they came back, the single bid came back, multiple times what was in the budget," said Alderman Miller. "We're moving forward with asking questions and when we started asking questions, we found out that the city manager, city staff and city engineering was way ahead of us, and they're moving as quickly as they can on this, and we're going to keep it in the forefront too."

When that happened the city went back to the drawing board and looked at other plans.

Miller says that some projects have happened, like over in the Ardsley Park area, but there is a perception that these projects are not moving forward. The council has a meeting scheduled where they will be briefed and then prioritize which projects are the most important. One of those could be right here on Habersham.

"Looking at the Habersham Village area and the houses that are in there between Abercorn and the canal to make sure we are attaching importance to those areas," said Alderman Miller.

You are asked to call 311 if you see any problem areas.

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