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Bus drivers offer tips for cold mornings


The low temperatures mean many of you will be bundling up your children as they head out to the bus stop in the morning.

It also means a change in plans for some bus drivers who will be cranking up their buses right at the coldest part of the day. Colder mornings often mean some additional preparations for bus drivers. WTOC spoke with a couple of drivers in Wayne County on Monday who are asking parents to pack a little patience with their kid's lunch in the morning.

"As a bus driver, I prepare by going to the bus shop early and starting my bus and getting the heat going on the bus, so that it's nice and warm for the kids when they do get on the bus in the morning,” said Monique Bedard, Wayne County Transportation bus driver.

Bedard and her co-worker Ciera Eisenbeiss treat the kids who ride their buses like they were their own, showing off their pictures and all.

I call them my bus babies and they'll call me bus mamma, and that's our relationship. That you actually care about them,” said Eisenbeiss.

That includes making sure they're warm during cold mornings like the one ahead.

Layering clothes is an easy way to do that, but remind your kids to keep track of their jackets so they don't get left on the bus like many do.

"And then we have all these jackets and we don't know where they go. There's several kids out there without jackets, and if these kids leave their jackets, they don't have it the next morning,” said Eisenbess.

If it's an option, kids can also stay warm by waiting for the bus inside. Just give the bus driver a heads up that you're home and make sure the kids are completely ready to go to avoid delays.

"I'd much rather they be warm when they're waiting for the bus. And if that makes me a little bit late, that's okay with me, because I'd much rather look out for the safety of my children and the health of my children,” said Bedard.

Many of you at home have been talking about the cold weather on our WTOC Facebook page. Though some of you have been commenting that school should be cancelled, that is not the case tomorrow.

There are no announced cancellations for schools in our area.

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