USA College Football, Inc. says game canceled 'for safety reasons'

USA College Football, Inc. says game canceled 'for safety reasons'

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - College football players that came to Savannah to participate in the USA College Football Bowl want answers and their money back after the sudden cancelation of Monday's scheduled game.

Nearly 80 players from all over the country left disappointed when the all-star game was cancelled.

USA College Sports Inc. is saying the reason they called game was due to a series of unfortunate events and injuries. A slight different take on what players and fans were telling WTOC on Monday.

WTOC tried to talk to Dennis Wilson the CEO and President of the committee Monday as he was being escorted out of the stadium by police. The only thing he said to media was, "I have a funny feeling someone has infiltrated the game."

Wilson goes on to say that the USA College Football Bowl game has seen 20 successful years and this was the first time they were forced to cancel.

Because of the lack of players participating, Wilson says it "caused each of the teams to be low in numbers on certain position groupings. It was a collaborative decision between the organizers behind the USA College Football Bowl and the football players that for safety reasons, the game should be cancelled."

Players that WTOC talked to Monday said nothing about athletes leaving due to injury, but because of the disorganization of the entire weekend leading up to the game, like not having enough jerseys to play.

Many of these guys paid close to $800 to participate. The organization says they are working to reimburse them.

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