Special annual 'Band of Brothers' meeting held at Savannah Station

Special annual 'Band of Brothers' meeting held at Savannah Station

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A special "Band of Brothers" annual meeting was held Tuesday night.

Making an appearance at Savannah Station: the wives and girlfriends of members in the prayer group.

"Band of Brothers" meets every Friday morning for music, bible study and breakfast at First Baptist Church in Garden City. The fellowship, made up of men from all walks of life, has been around for about ten years and members say it continues to grow bigger and better each year.

But as far as Tuesday night, the guys say it's all about the ladies.

"We decided maybe five years ago that we need to have an event where we can invite our women out and let them see who we're hanging around with every morning, every Friday morning at 6," said Calvary Baptist Temple Senior Pastor Kenny Grant.

"It started in my office. And we've grown from my office to a conference room to another guy's conference room to masonic lodge in Garden City to another fellowship, Assembly of God in Garden City and now we're at the First Baptist and we've outgrown it," said Richard Barrow, longtime member.

Barrow says sometimes as many as 200 men meet up for the bible study and there's usually around five to 10 new visitors each time.

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