2 women recovering after losing home, dog to fire on Lady's Island

2 women recovering after losing home, dog to fire on Lady's Island

LADY'S ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - Two women are recovering after getting burned in a house fire on Lady's Island, Tuesday night.

When the Lady's Island Fire District got there, the entire house was engulfed in flames. Thankfully, the women inside only received minor injuries, making it out right before the fire exploded. They managed to escape with one of their dogs, but their other dog did not make it.

"We weren't able to save Pickles, and they obviously could not find him. They said he's probably under some of the debris that fell down," said Kimberly Gollach, fire victim.

Kimberly Gollack and her roommate were trying to refill a kerosene heater, but accidentally used gasoline instead. She says the fire jumped out of the heater and onto her roommate.

"I got burned in the face; I got burned on the hand. Thank God that I'm alive," said Huncho Green, fire victim.

The fire department says it was too late to save the home or rescue Pickles, the Chihuahua mix, who was inside. Both women were taken to the hospital for minor burns. Looking at the debris, they are both thankful they avoided a tragedy.

"I tried to [put] out the fire with my hands, then I got burned. The fire department told me it was a good thing I had on thermal underwear, because if I didn't, my legs and everything would have been burned," said Green.

The homeowners say they lost everything in the fire. The Red Cross is putting them in a hotel for two nights, but they say they don't know where they will go after that.

The owner says the house was passed down from her mother, and she did not have homeowners insurance.

If you would like to help the fire victims, they can be reached at 843.441.9243.

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