Store employees in Hazlehurst shocked after woman stuffs boots under skirt

Store employees in Hazlehurst shocked after woman stuffs boots under skirt

HAZLEHURST, GA (WTOC) - Police in Hazlehurst are still searching for a woman caught on video who appeared to have stolen two pairs of boots by hiding them under her skirt.

Workers at Sellers are still in disbelief that it happened. They have dealt with shoplifting in the past, but never something this big or something so blatantly caught on camera.

The video shows the woman taking a pair of boots off the shelf and stuffing them under her skirt into a pair of shorts or bloomers - and tucking away a second pair. She somehow wobbled quickly to the door and into a waiting truck before a clerk could catch her. Workers rewound the security footage and couldn't believe what they saw.

"Shocked...didn't know what to say. I don't know how she got two pair into her…shorts," said Vicki Rucker, Sellers Feed Seed.

They chuckle now, but they still can't believe someone would be so bold, especially with cameras and warning signs.

"She never looked up, never checked to see if anybody was around. It took her four minutes to pack the boots and go, and had the courtesy to say thank you as she walked out...yeah."

Hazlehurst Police say the image matches a woman who has shoplifted the region for years. They're looking for her and the driver, who they think served as the accomplice. Workers posted the video to Facebook on Tuesday in hopes that other merchants would see it and keep their eyes open for this thief.

As for the boots, Vicki says they don't want them, considering how they left the store, even if police recover them.

They've moved some shelves and displays to give them a clear view, but they're still amazed someone would try such a heist.

Police have identified the thief as Jacklyn Williams.

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