Asked And Answered: What's with all the ant mounds in Savannah and Pooler?

Asked And Answered: What's with all the ant mounds in Savannah and Pooler?

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Are fire ants taking over our land?

If you look around, some viewers think so.

Have you noticed an unusual amount of ant beds, and sizeable ones, around Savannah and Pooler? WTOC viewer Angela Jarnigan-Gray took a picture on Quacco Road and wants to know, "why there are so many ant beds on the sides of the road lately? They are getting bigger! It seems like there is one every two to three yards or so."

We reached out to the Skidaway Institute and UGA Marine Educator, Capt. John Crawford said he's afraid fire ants are just a part of life in the Southeast. The numbers of visible mounds varies from season to season, as breeding conditions improve for the ants and as ground water levels rise forcing the colonies closer to the surface. They definitely spread and require local control measures by the land owners.

There are four types of control for ant mounds and fire ants. Biological control: like natural enemies. Home remedies: like drenching the mound with water. Organic products: these include ingredients such as limonene, an extract from citrus oil, or spinosad, a chemical complex produced by a soil microbe. Chemical control: the use of insecticides for fire ant control is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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