Terms of Savannah city manager's contract read aloud at council

Terms of Savannah city manager's contract read aloud at council

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Two weeks ago, Savannah City Manager Stephanie Cutter publicly announced her retirement.

The terms of her departure are that she'll stay on board, not only until they find her replacement, but a year following the first official day of the new city manager. The terms of Cutter's contract were read aloud at Thursday's Savannah City Council meeting.

The copy of the signed contract basically just puts into a legally binding contract everything they came up with at the last meeting.

It's worth noting, in addition to this, council made an amendment to agree to completely cooperate with Cutter while she remains in office, per the charter guidelines.

In addition to the one year that Stephanie Cutter will act as a consultant to the new city manager, after that year period, instead of receiving a lump sum for her accrued vacation days and extra incentive days, she will remain on the city payroll at the same base salary and benefits for a period of time equal to the number of the vacation and inventive days she saved up.

District 6 Alderman Tony Thomas explained why he wanted all the terms of her contract read to the public.

"I wanted to read that into the record for a reason. I wanted the public to know exactly what Mrs. Cutter shall be receiving from this retirement. I also wanted to be sure that we were accurate in what we had portrayed to Mrs. Cutter," said Alderman Thomas.

Mayor Eddie DeLoach said at a recent luncheon that if the search starts immediately for Cutter's replacement, that the search should take about six to seven months.

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