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Mobile Vet RV stops in Beaufort County to assist local veterans


Beaufort County is looking to help its veterans Friday afternoon with its mobile vet center.

The RV was stationed at the South Carolina Works in the county and helped connect those veterans to local resources.

The mobile center makes different stops monthly and is equipped with everything from applications to brochures containing information veterans need to know to apply for assistance or benefits.

The Department of Veteran Affairs said the mobile center is a way to reach those members of the community that are disabled or without transportation. SC WORKs explained the main issue veterans have in Beaufort County.

"Well the number one issue is jobs. South Carolina Works, what we do is the employment agency we're constantly getting people to come in and find the next employer to work for. Unemployment, it's what it is, it's a self-serving thing, but if we have someone whose lost their job on Friday, we're helping them fill out their unemployment applications and telling them about the job fair we have that week,” said Disabled Veteran Outreach Specialist Mark Williams.

The mobile center also helps veterans figure out their disability benefits, as well as, identifying jobs that best fit their background and special skills.

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