Good News: Ridgeland students inspire positive behavior with music video

Good News: Ridgeland students inspire positive behavior with music video

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - Elementary school students in the Lowcountry are getting star treatment after making a video to inspire positive behavior in the classrooms.

Red carpets, star studded walkways, the big screen - Ridgeland Elementary School pulled out all the stops for the world premiere of the P.A.W.S music video.

"P.A.W.S stands for participation. A is for attitude," said Ridgeland Elementary 5th grade student, Kazzari Jones.

"W, wise choices and S, self-control," said Rashad Johnson, another 5th grade student at Ridgeland Elementary.

The acronym represents a standard teachers, parents and the community are holding the students to. So Ms. Davis' class used the power of music to convey the message to their classmates.

"I get to show everybody in my class why to follow P.A.W.S," said Trent Brantley, 5th grader.

The music video was shot in various places around the school. Ms. Davis' mini Hollywood stars show how students can apply participation, positive attitudes, wise choices and self-control in their everyday lives. Teachers say it's already making a difference.

"I learned to be respectful, make good choices and not to mess stuff up," said Brantley.

"They definitely hold themselves more accountable because they are those Hollywood stars. They all go to dress up like that when they walked down the red carpet. They hold themselves more accountable. I also noticed a better rapport with me and the students. It's more like a family since the video," said Ridgeland 5th grade teacher, Ms. Danielle Davis.

After the curtains closed, and the red carpet is gone, the students hope their music video can influence their peers to be better people – inside and outside of school.

"Respect others, follow directions and listen to the teacher while she's teaching," said Johnson.

"We can make a better community and a better school. When we have a better community and school, the more we can get done," said Celine Robinson, Ridgeland 5th grade student.

Since the project went so well, some of the students say they are considering careers in the music industry.

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