Lowcountry agencies teaming up to combat crime rate

Lowcountry agencies teaming up to combat crime rate

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - Law enforcement agencies in Ridgeland and Hardeeville are teaming up to fight the county's growing crime rate.

Officials are focusing on Drugs, gangs, gun violence – anything that puts residents in danger. The idea came up during a county-wide crime meeting, where election officials from municipalities met face to face with law enforcement.

They talked about last year's high homicide rate and what they need to do to keep it from getting that high this year. As a result of the meeting, Hardeeville Police Chief, Ridgeland's Police Chief, and the Jasper County Sheriff are going to work together to determine an action plan to reduce criminal activity countywide. Local leaders say tackling the crime has to be a multi-agency effort, because the municipality lines mean nothing to criminals.

"Everyone is concerned. No one is immune to what's going on around here. Break-ins and things of that nature and we just want everyone to work together. Let's focus on what needs to be done. We know that we need to step up our presence. The councils are willing to do what's necessary to support our law enforcement team here in Jasper County," said Jasper County Council Chairman Martin Sauls.

There is no deadline for the action plan, but council members hope to have it complete sometime this summer so they can include the costs in next year's budget.

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