Winter storm brings back 2014 memories for Screven Co. residents

Winter storm brings back 2014 memories for Screven Co. residents

SCREVEN CO., GA (WTOC) - Folks in Screven County remember, none too warmly, the ice storm of two years ago and hope the winter weather up north serves as a reminder around here that you can never be prepared too early.

An ice storm paired with several days of freezing weather took its toll in 2014. The ice pulled down trees on power lines and left people in the cold and in the dark for days. Screven County's EMA leader says the county learned lessons and will be more prepared next time.

"We couldn't open a shelter because we couldn't guarantee we'd keep power there. Now we can," said Gary Pinard, Screven Co. EMA.

Even so, it could take days for emergency crews to get roads reopened or give people a way to get to them. He urges everyone to know what they'll need to do to take care of themselves until help arrives.

"Have a plan, make sure everyone in your home knows the plan, what actions are that they'll need to take," said Pinard, " is a great resource, with lists of the things that are good to keep in your home."

Gary says now is the time to get those things - non-perishable can goods, flashlights and batteries - instead of waiting until everyone else is packing the stores at the last minute.

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