Hampton Co. preparing winter weather plan just in case

Hampton Co. preparing winter weather plan just in case

HAMPTON CO., SC (WTOC) - Residents and agencies in the Lowcountry are taking it pretty easy, but they are going over plans in case any winter storm effects were to happen.

WTOC was in Hampton County Friday afternoon and found out how its emergency management authority is prepared for the worst case scenario.

A State of Emergency declared in the northeast, but in the Lowcountry, things are calm and slightly wet.

"Well here in Hampton County, we've had most of the day some rain nothing heavy but light rain," said Hampton County Emergency Management Director Susanne Peeples.

Even though the rainfall totals aren't expected to surpass the potential storm threat upstate, Hampton County emergency services say they're prepared for the worst and outlined their game plan for that wintry scenario.

"Our dispatchers would know we got some trouble in this area, our law enforcement will be traveling that area to see if the calls are legitimate. And if it's legitimate, the ice is getting thick the roads are getting black ice, we activate our public works, our DOT is activated, and then we partially activate our EOS which we are right now. Our EMS personnel would come in and the Red Cross," said Peeples.

Light to moderate rain and cooler temperatures are all that's expected to hit Jasper, Beaufort and Hampton counties, but the South Carolina Highway Patrol warns that those elements could cause wet roads and create dangerous situations.

"It doesn't necessarily have to be 32 degrees for it to be freezing. If it's a shady area or over overpasses or certain areas that may be colder than some, so always be vigilante on the roadways because you never know when you're approaching an icy spot because it's often too late, so know how to steer your vehicle in case you are in that situation," said South Carolina Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Hannah Wemberly.

SC Highway Patrol is also prepared to handle the worst. All the troopers stationed Upstate have been rotating shifts all day, and troopers throughout the state in other counties are on standby.

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