Two abandoned dogs saved, adoptable soon

Two abandoned dogs saved, adoptable soon

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A local animal rescue group is helping two abandoned puppies after they were abused and left for dead in two separate incidents this week.

Sadly, they say this kind of animal cruelty has only become more common across our area. This is something the volunteers at these groups have unfortunately gotten used to seeing.

The dog from the first incident was brought to the rescue when someone discovered him Wednesday night.

"He was in the swampy mud, covered in mud, and was the only one that had survived," said One Love Animal Rescue Adoption Coordinator Laura Morris.

The little guy is one of nine puppies that were dumped in a ditch off Highway 280 in Evans County Wednesday afternoon. The litter's mother had been shot in the head and was found dead nearby.

"You hear about it and you just can't understand how somebody can do that to an animal," said Morris.

Early Friday, Savannah-Chatham Animal Control found seven puppies abandoned in a dumpster. Only one survived from that bunch.

One Love Animal Rescue sees cases like this nearly every day, and they say it's gotten worse.

"We can never wrap our brain around it, as many times as we see it and hear it and live it and go through it with these poor animals, it never gets any easier," said Morris.

The upside is that the dogs and cats they do rescue get rehabilitated and hopefully get new homes. Last year, the group adopted out nearly 450 animals and they've rescued 3,000 since 2013.

But they tell WTOC it's not about just one organization or shelter, because they all have the same mission.

"It is definitely a group effort. In rescue, they tell us that it takes a village, and it definitely takes all of us to get together and do this and put our heart and soul into it," said Morris.

Those two rescued puppies will be up for adoption in a few weeks once they've fully recovered. If you're interested in adoption or volunteering, or if you know any information about those two cases, please visit the One Love Animal Rescue website.

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