Blue Bell returns to Savannah stores

Blue bell returns to Savannah stores.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Blue Bell Ice Cream is finally back in stores Monday in Savannah after the recall last year.

Blue Bell is stocking as many stores across the area as possible. They were at the Kroger on Mall Blvd. around noon. WTOC's Ben Williamson caught up with them while they were stocking and actually bought the first cup at this location.

Remember the company voluntarily recalled all its products back on April 20th of 2015, after a listeria contamination sickened nearly a dozen people.

Since August, the company has been phasing its product back into the stores. They started in Texas with phase 1 and Georgia and Florida were phase 5, which started Monday. Keep in mind there is only a limited number of flavors available as they are phased back in.

The company says since the recall, it has updated its testing procedures and is more focused on sanitation than ever before.

"Right now, it is just happy to be back. Our product is safe and we have a test and hold procedure so we have no product delivered without it going through that test. Any other information they want they go to our website, we have so much listed there. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything is on there," said Savannah Territory Operations Manager Steven Payne.

The operations manager said that they have about three crews going to as many stores as possible throughout this week. So, be patient, if you do not see it in your store now, chances are it will be there over the next couple of days.

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