Police investigating purse snatching on River St.

Police investigating purse snatching on River St.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A couple from Florida, just stopping in the Coastal Empire for a night, got an unexpected surprise while walking away from River Street after dinner.

The wife was carrying her purse on her arm when a thief snatched it.

They had been traveling for the past few weeks and the last night of their trip ended sour. They are now back home in Florida safe and sound but the wife talked to WTOC over the phone saying she did notice something suspicious while walking last night.

"We think we may have seen that person earlier that evening as we were leaving Spanky's walking down the street," she said.

The Florida couple in their late 60's walked down River Street for a drink. On the way to the River Street Inn for dinner, the wife says a man quickly asked her a question she didn't know about football and then left. After dinner they went up a cobblestone slope at the Abercorn ramp to head back to their car.

"Just grabbed my purse and we turned around just in time he basically was just crouching down and he was swift he just took the purse and then just spun off and ran," she said.

They followed the man who had just stole their belongings and tried to find him, but by the time they got down to River Street they say he "vanished." Taking cash, credit and debit cards, the wife's glasses, keys just to name a few.

And in all of the confusion she says her and her husband, "both fell over because we didn't have the right type of shoes on to run on the uneven road."

She says the man who took her purse looked very similar to the man who earlier asked her about football. They then called police who were unable to catch the young black male wearing a gray sweat shirt and sweat pants.

WTOC talked to police who say if this happens to you, just let them have your purse because your life is much more important that your things. Also, try and stay in a well-lit area.

"Plan what you're going to do that way you may not have to carry a purse. But in the event you have to carry a purse, I would suggest that if you have cash put them in multiple places that way it's not in one spot and one area," said Cpl. Samantha Stephens, SCMPD.

"It could've been worse, and everything that I lost was replaceable," said the victim.

The wife says she forgot how much stuff she had in her wallet including health insurance cards, social security cards and voter registration. She tells me they love the city and will visit Savannah again, but she says she will make sure to not carry a purse full of important things.

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