Good News: Parent University

Good News: Parent University

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - School was back in session this weekend.

And it was mom and dad who went to class while the kids had a good time.

"Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you can have," said Kyleah Boyd, who helped teach a Parent University course on Saturday. "And you don't get training for it."

You do at a Parent University event like the one at Godley Station School on Saturday, which offered 33 different parenting classes and 30 information booths to provide parents with helpful information.

"One of the things people most struggle with is understanding their resources," said Parent University Executive Director Michael O'Neal. "Parent University's mission is to connect people to their resources in a comfortable way."

While parents had access to help with their taxes and tips on how to save on their power bill, classes stressed subjects such as the importance of early school attendance.

"Children who miss a lot of school early on tend to miss more school as their academic careers continue," said Erin Cooper, who presented the class. "So it's important to learn good patterns early on."

Another topic looked at several factors that can help prevent child abuse.

"They include alternatives to corporal punishment, behavior modification and behavior encouragement," said Boyd, who worked on that class. "There's also family time, how to have fun with your children, how to enjoy your children's presence and praising them and saying I love you."

Parent University continues to meet several times each year in different neighborhoods but always with the same goal.

"Parent University is an opportunity for parents to come and learn any of a number of things to help them become better parents and better individuals," says O'Neal. "We meet in a fun, festive atmosphere and we have fun and learn at the same time."

And the schoolkids that were there didn't mind that it was the parents who left with the homework.

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