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Effort to save a downtown Beaufort business


The City of Beaufort is fighting to save a downtown, community staple.

Pruitt’s Grocery has served the downtown Beaufort area since 1920. The store closed down last year when the owner, James Pruitt, decided he was getting too old to run it. He passed away shortly after.

Since then, the city has launched an effort to get the store back open. It’s working with a realtor to find a new owner who will ensure the store will still serve the community.

The city’s mayor says they are also offering incentives to anyone who buys the property – as long as it isn’t destroyed.  

“I would love to see it become a place where there would be an owner who would engage some of the young people in the neighborhood and teach them a little bit about retail, give them jobs, keep them busy and use it to make it a center of activity, both commercial and social within the neighborhood because communities do need these kinds of gathering places,” said Mayor Billy Keyserling.

The city says the building has been shown to potential buyers, but they aren’t sure if the prospects would be interested in opening the store again.

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