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Consider This! - Mobile While Driving


I see it every day and so do you.

People driving their cars with one hand on the wheel, the other one firmly planted next to their ear with cellphone in hand.  I marvel at the technology that allows someone to call whenever and where ever. I remember 20 years ago standing in the middle of nowhere in Central Oregon covering a forest fire and getting calls from the newsroom a hundred miles away. It was truly amazing. 

However, now that amazement is turning into concern as I watch us become a completely distracted society, afraid to miss a call or message, no matter what we're doing, even if it is navigating a 3,000 pound collection of metal at 70 miles per hour. 

Consider this: there are only 14 states in our country that ban hands on cellphone usage while driving and neither Georgia nor South Carolina is in that group. In fact, there are still four states that don't make texting and driving illegal. 

It's no coincidence that as using a hand held cellphone has risen, so have the number of deaths on our roads. Last year in Georgia, more than 1,300 people were killed on our highways, that's nearly 200 more fatalities than in 2014 and the first increase in deaths in nearly a decade.  

It's time our state officials take matters into their hands by taking the phones out of ours and create laws banning hand held cell phone usage while driving

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