City leaders submit legislative agenda to Georgia lawmakers

City Leaders submit legislative agenda to Georgia lawmakers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - City leaders are meeting with Georgia lawmakers this week about key issues and changes they want for the Savannah area.

City leaders submitted their legislative agenda, which includes more than 15 proposals.

To highlight some of them, the City is taking a stand against casino gambling on Hutchinson Island. They believe casino-style gambling will attract the wrong kind of crowd.

They also want to change the legal high school dropout age to 17 instead of 16. But safety is the top priority and local leaders want lawmakers to support their efforts to crack down on gun violence.

The city wants to amend the open carry law by prohibiting weapons in festival zones, like during St. Patrick's Day. They do not believe weapons need to be in a crowded space where alcohol is permitted.

And most importantly, they want more support for the police department.

"We are asking for two to three million dollars, so I don't know what we will get out of it but I hope we get something there so that we can improve the policing here, see what we can do about taking care of the crime. That's what we ran on," said Mayor Eddie DeLoach.

The City is also begging the state to protect local businesses. Like WTOC told you a couple of months ago, the businesses that were not bought out by Ben Carter may still get run out of town because property taxes have gone through the roof.

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