Some shipping prices up 10 percent

Some shipping prices up 10 percent

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Some shipping services at the post office have gone up close to 10 percent in price.

This includes priority mail.

The post office says this is just an annual adjustment and helps pay for their infrastructure and keep the mail coming at a swift pace.

Co-owner at the Savannah Belle on Bay Street says because of the increase, they're having to raise some of their prices.

"I don't like to raise the price on anything, you know, we like to keep the prices fair and reasonable especially with the economy and the way that it is right now. You know a lot of people are looking for that perfect price you know they don't want to spend the money," said Lisa Bolak, downtown business owner.

Rates for domestic mail including first class letters, flats, post cards and metered mail will stay the same.

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