Good News: Woof Gang Bakery expanding, bringing corporate jobs to Savannah

Good News: Woof Gang Bakery expanding bringing corporate jobs to Savannah.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some businesses have been struggling and shutting down on and around Broughton Street lately. But, the Good News is - one business is not only thriving in downtown Savannah; it's expanding - possibly to Broughton Street and beyond. It could mean more local jobs for all you pet lovers.

The first Woof Gang Bakery opened in Savannah about a year ago, and business is booming. It's a boutique pet store with three locations already in downtown Savannah, all within walking distance to each other. They are located in City Market, on Drayton Street, and on River Street.

The owner, Paul Allen, said he copied other Savannah businesses, like B&D Burgers and Byrd's Cookies, which also have multiple locations downtown.

"And by copying what they've done, we thought we could be successful too," he said.

So far, they've been very successful, as there are already plans to open up even more Woof Gang Bakery stores in Savannah, potentially at Forsyth Park and even on Broughton Street. Allen said it's sad to see some stores and restaurants shutting down on Broughton, but he thinks it's heading in the right direction.

"I think that what's happening on Broughton Street looks to be very good. It is a shame to see some stores closing, like Mark Jacobs, before the other ones open, but I think when it's finished it's going to bring a little bit more quality, and I think the tourists certainly are looking for that. It's very nice to see a lot of the older, established stores being able to stay on Broughton Street, and let's hope that they can work side by side," Allen said.

Woof Gang Bakery even has plans for stores in Pooler and in the Lowcountry. Allen spoke exclusively to WTOC about what has made the store so successful in our area. He says it's a combination of social media, the quality of their products, providing good service, and making deep connections with the community.

"I think you have to do that. I don't think you can just open the door and expect people to just walk into your business. We put a lot of effort into giving back to local rescues, the humane society, and sponsoring any events we can sponsor, because as a company, we have the power of the corporate office behind us, which enables us to give back," Allen said.

Even more good news for pet lovers - Allen and his wife are moving to Savannah and hoping to bring much of their corporate headquarters here, which means some new jobs opening up in our area. It's a chance to work with a company that's growing quickly.

"When we decided to come here, we had about 50 stores, and our goal was to come into the Savannah market and start opening corporate stores," Allen said. "And today, we have about 66 stores, and we're currently opening a store every six days," he said.

They plan to have about 30 full-time positions opening up in Savannah; everything from retail associates, to managers, to maintenance and marketing. If you're interested in applying to work with Woof Gang Bakery, click here, send them an email to info@woofgangbakery,com, or visit any of the Savannah stores to fill out an application.

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