Students get help saving for college

Students get help saving for college

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Dozens of local third, fourth and fifth graders are looking ahead to the future by starting college savings accounts now, and they're getting an extra hand.

Fifty-two young men, part of the 100 Black Men of Savannah program have been saving money since August.

This week, the Rotary Club of Savannah is matching what each student saved, up to one hundred dollars, to go into savings accounts at Carver State Bank. The money will remain untouched until students are at least enrolling in college.

"That message that they are sending is, I'm focusing on college at the age of eight, nine, and 10. And that will be what will propel me through my life until I get to college, and beyond college," said 100 Black Men of Savannah President Zke Zimmerman.

"I think sometimes we have remedial programs to try to fix something that's broken. This is a preemptive program to keep things from becoming broken. And we're really proud to be able to stand behind this program and support it," said Rick Monroe, Rotary Club of Savannah.

This is the first year of the college savings program for the one-hundred Black Men of Savannah. Once the students are in high school, the organization will focus on investment practices.

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