Hometown Hero: Students benefit from intern program

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - With one agreement, two schools are providing limitless opportunities.

Armstrong State University and Savannah Country Day have partnered on the Child and Family Studies Training Initiative, elevating the levels of teaching and learning taking place in Country Day classrooms with the addition of Armstrong College of Education interns.

"This is a great opportunity," said SCD Head of School Kef Wilson, "for their teachers and our teachers to share ideas about best practices and new strategies to benefit the kids."

"It allows our teachers to have additional support in the classroom, while also allowing the interns to have real-world experience in the classroom," added SCD Head of Lower School Anne Marie Shuman. "It's a give-give relationship."

Taylor Sims participates in the program that is designed to students in Armstrong's Child and Family Studies non-certification program.

"It helps because it gives you what you need in there, what you need to know for the students" she said. "So we can really help deliver that."

Country Day Kindergarten teacher Clare Ward interned when she was at Armstrong and says the program is invaluable for the future teachers

"You're learning everything from classroom management skills, interpersonal skills, relating to the children," said Ward. "You're also getting in the classroom and working with teachers and seeing what it's like to do lesson planning and see what it's like with the responsibilities on that end too."

And the relationship helps Country Day's students as well.

"They love having (the interns) in the room," said Shuman. "Any time you can give a child extra attention, extra support, that child is going to thrive."

The program is thriving already as the first of its kind in the area, making WTOC Hometown Heroes of everyone helping these young and even younger students.

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