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Sustainable Fellwood III flooding cleanup continues


The cleanup efforts after a water pipe break are still underway at the Sustainable Fellwood III apartment building in Savannah.

Because of that, some of the resident’s whose apartments are deemed safe to live in, don’t want to come home.

A water pipe ruptured after the property management company says it was hit by stray gunfire last Thursday night. The property management company, the Woda Group, not only sent WTOC pictures of the attic area where the water pipe ruptured, but also of one of the apartments that has damage from suspected gunfire as well.

The Woda Group believes damage is the result of stray gunfire from last Thursday night, and added it is fortunate no one was standing in the kitchen at the time. And even though the Fire Marshal's Office or police department haven't retracted statements saying the damage to the sprinkler pipe didn't appear to be caused by an outside force, the property management company took pictures, saying gunfire could be the culprit.

"Whatever the situation is, there are people who are displaced. They are elderly. Some of them are in need of medical attention, and they just want to be home,” said District 1 Alderman Van Johnson.

But some residents don't, because of the on-going repairs and cleanup, expected to last at least another five weeks.

"They want to be home in a safe environment. And I don't know why we keep going back. We think everything is going to be resolved, we think everybody's going to be safe in hotels until they're able to come back when the building is completed. And then I get calls, and people are telling me, well they're being told they're forced to come back,” said Alderman Johnson.

Woda released a statement saying, "We are currently housing residents at the Holiday Inn and Suites who technically could have returned to their apartments Saturday. The building has been released for occupancy by the Savannah Fire Department and Savannah Building Officials."

Alderman Johnson also relayed resident's concerns about the ongoing cleanup.

"It's a construction zone. It's an active construction zone. Here they have drywall they're pulling out, residents are saying there’s dust in the air. Debris is still all over the place. Who wants to live next to that,” said Alderman Johnson.

Woda had this to say about that concern, "This is not a dangerous construction zone and these residents are taking up time and precious resources we need for the 48 residents who cannot return to the building. We are not requiring anyone to return to the building but will check out of the hotel tomorrow anyone who has an apartment that was cleared for occupancy on Saturday."

Woda says they're responding to tenants who have expressed concerns about the dust and debris kicked up by the ongoing demolition effort.

In a release they say they planned to have demolition done on Thursday, but they still have some work to do so they plan to keep some of those people at hotels.

The Woda Group says each unit has a self-contained HVAC system, so there's no concern of dust being circulated around to other parts of the building.

They say they've moved the majority of residents from the affected part of the building to Extended Stay America, and that staff should be done moving residents Friday.

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