Savannah-Chatham Day in Atlanta

Savannah-Chatham Day in Atlanta

ATLANTA (WTOC) - Savannah-Chatham Day is in full swing at the State Capital.

The day is a chance for local leaders and businesses to interact with state legislators and bridge gaps between Savannah, Chatham County and Atlanta.

Part of the local delegation includes Savannah City Council members. Many have already met with area state legislators earlier in the week to talk about issues affecting Chatham County.

Savannah Mayor Pro-tem, Carol Bell, talked with WTOC about that interaction.

"We really want to keep that open line of communication so they are aware of what we are pushing for and what we are working on, so they can step up to the plate as they did on Monday. They were able to step up to the plate saying, I know this is a concern in Savannah, so this is what we can do to help. That to me was extremely impressive. I don't know that I've seen that very often," said Mayor Pro-tem Bell.

Even if council doesn't get everything they're asking for from the General Assembly, Bell says at the very least they hope to make new relationships and strengthen existing ones with those in Atlanta.

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