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Largest Army ROTC nursing program at Georgia Southern


Soldiers and nurses rank among the people we respect the most.

The people who wear both uniforms are worthy of even more respect. One of our local universities, Georgia Southern University, graduates more military nurses than any other school in the country.

Becoming a nurse can be one of the toughest professions. Doing it while serving your country can make it even tougher.

Jenny Garcia will become a nurse due to inspiration from her sister. The rest of her ambitions came earlier.

"I've known since middle school that I wanted to serve in the military. I figured the officer route would be the best way to go,” said Garcia, GSU nursing student.

She and others at Georgia Southern celebrated the 115th anniversary of the Army Nurse Corps.  Colonel Patrick Ahearne, the MEDDAC Commander of Fort Stewart/Hunter, reminded the group that Georgia Southern produces more military nurses than any other school in the nation.

ROTC officers for the Southeast praise the cooperation here and at Armstrong State University between the College of Nursing and ROTC.  

"The people that come here know they're coming to a tough program, but they know when they'll have a leg up because they've completed such a hard program,” said Cpt. Margaret Champion, Sixth Brigade Counselor.

Even though they face the prospect of deployment and danger, Garcia says they're up for the challenge.

"My thought is that somebody's got to do it and I find that kind of stuff exciting,” said Garcia.

Commanders say that partnership between the two programs helps students and the nation.

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