Students Share Stories of Deployed Parents

Casey Bannon shares his story.
Casey Bannon shares his story.

Deployments can be very difficult for soldiers' families, especially the youngsters. Today Marshpoint Elementary School did something to make this time just a bit easier for the children of Third ID soldiers.

Every week, Marshpoint holds support group meetings for children who want to talk about their parents overseas.

"Our dad, Richard Dunn, left for Iraq last week," said second grader Rachel Dunn.

"Since he left, I've emailed him every day. I miss him very much," said fourth grader Casey Bannon.

"It was so sad when he left that I couldn't stop crying, me and my mom both," said fifth grader Taylor Rushton.

One by one, students shared stories about their fathers, stories that would make any grownup cry.

"I hope this deployment goes by fast," said Casey.

For the fourth grader, this is the second time his dad has been deployed to Iraq. Even though he's only 9 years old, he's becoming a pro at saying goodbye. "It never gets easy. You always get that feeling when he's leaving that your missing something."

And holidays can be the toughest, so today the school, with help of Entenmann's Bakery, handed out Easter baskets, making this Easter holiday a little easier to bear, not only for these kids but for moms too.

"Wish he could be here," said Rose Dunn, Rachel's mother. "He's missing so much of their lives. I wish he was here to see things like this."

Even though these dads aren't home to see things like this, they do know they have families who are just counting down the days to when they'll see Daddy again.

"I miss him, just hearing his voice makes me cry," Taylor said.

"We miss him and hope he comes home safe," added Rachel.

Many of the kids told us their dads are coming home for R&R this summer, so it gives them something to look forward to much sooner.

They kids will also write letters to their fathers telling them about today.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,