Good News: The 'Happy Dance' movement

Good News: The "Happy Dance" Movement

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - A young man is hoping to have a big impact on his community, just by being happy.

Words from Pharell Williams' big hit, "Happy", inspired this 14-year-old Bradwell Institute student to tackle a larger goal than just a "happy dance."

Corey Davis decided it was his mission to make people happy.

"Just to get people to be happy and relieve stress from things and stop being so caught up in what happened yesterday or last year," said Davis.

Last year, 6-year-old Jayden Hayes inspired the country with his smile movement, giving away trinkets to strangers just to put a smile on their face while the youngster was dealing with something people much older struggle to deal with: The death of his parents.

Corey isn't in a heartbreaking situation, but his goals are just as lofty.

"I'm trying to show them you can overcome your problems and dance your problems away," said Davis. "We can all strive together, as a community. I promise you if we stick together as one, we can achieve as one, we will be one."

Davis shared the video with WTOC Monday and already 7,000 people have viewed it.

Most people didn't want it to end, so he's hoping to make a longer video, even if it's to get up and dance for a few seconds.

"There is a reason for all that rapid movement. I want people to get up and move. Show them they can be happy no matter what situation you are in," said Davis.

Because, he believes happiness is the truth.

"I want people to feel better," said Davis.

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