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County leaders react to Montgomery Co. indictments


A Montgomery County grand jury indicted six people, including elected officials, for burglarizing Sheriff Ladson O'Connor's office hours after he'd died in the line of duty.

Each of the six people indicted in this case will be entitled to their day in court and would be innocent until proven guilty. However, three of them work for Montgomery County. So the consequences of just being indicted could come quicker.

County Commissioners called an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss personnel, mainly the status of County Manager Brandon Braddy. He is one of the six people accused of burglarizing Sheriff O'Connor's office after the sheriff died in a crash while chasing a suspect.

They're accused of removing files, documents and other papers while others carried on the manhunt for the suspect.

After an hour, commissioners came out and announced no action "at this time".

“All of us need a little more time to think this through. It's a serious matter for us,” said Frank Brantley, County Chairman.

Before the indictment, Braddy had maintained he had authority to enter O'Connor's office during the circumstances and secure it. Brantley called this a difficult situation. 

“We want to do what's best for him. We also realize that public perception is an issue,” said Brantley.

Sheriff Doug Maybin says he expects the warrants against his indicted deputy and secretary to be served Thursday and that could bring personnel action against them then.

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