Diamond Elementary School closed on Thursday

No injuries reported at Fort Stewart due to severe weather

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - Trees have been uprooted, roofs have been damaged, and several power lines are down across the post at Fort Stewart after severe weather swept through the area Wednesday afternoon.

Now, a good portion of the base is still without power. They're working on restoring it, but the hardest hit areas may take until Thursday morning.

The National Weather Service will arrive on Thursday morning to assess damage and confirm just how strong this tornado was. They'll make it official, but we do know a good deal of damage was left in its path.

"It was enough to splinter some trees and like I said, the houses behind me - which are permanent structures - had some of the roofs torn off. There was significant enough damage and if you're back here at first light, you'll see we've got a couple vehicles flipped over. So enough power to pick a car up and put it on its top," said Garrison Commander Col. Townley Hendrick.

Diamond Elementary is closed on Thursday. However, the other three schools on the post will be open.

As far as soldiers coming to work on Thursday, it will still be business as usual. It will be up to unit commanders to decide if there will be any delays or changes in schedule for their unit.

The Garrison Commander anticipates total clean-up will take at least two to three days.

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