Good News: Bluffton High's Z-Club uses post-it’s to promote positivity

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Imagine walking into work or school only to receive a tiny note that says "You're beautiful" or "You're amazing, have a wonderful day."

Well, dozens of students at Bluffton High School received post-it notes saying just that when they arrived at school early Monday morning.

While other students were getting ready for the weekend, members of the Bluffton High Z-Club spent their Friday afternoon painting the hallways neon yellow, pink and blue in what they call "Operation Beautiful."

"We wrote happy notes on sticky notes and we put them up all over the school and we're passing them out this morning," said Bluffton High Z-Club President Ashleigh Hardwick.

The club says the post-it campaign is in response to issues young girls face every day.

"We've all been bullied and we've all gone through a rough patch in life, and we're trying to make somebody's day better even if we can't hit everybody in this school, make somebody happy," said Hardwick.

The goal of Operation Beautiful is to promote positive self-awareness and positive self-images. It's as simple as the writings on the wall.

"I think it's a good idea because some people do walk around with low self-esteem and want to commit suicide. I think it's a nice positive way to boost their self-esteem and let them know they're worth something and that everyone here is beautiful in their own way," said Ayanna Banks, student.

"We start to experiment with relationships and I know domestic violence is big in South Carolina. So something just like this, something small to make them happy and let them know they're worth something," said Monie Feacher, student.

The positive post-its didn't stop at the students, the Z-Club also made sure to include female teachers and staff. They left large posters on their classroom doors.

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