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Good News: Retired educator continuing to make an impact

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A beloved educator in Candler County has found a 'second act' on campus.

She retired after decades as a teacher and principal, but came back to help guide a program that helps struggling students.

Most people who retire try to get as far away from that career as they can and enjoy themselves. But you can't describe Charlotte Coursey as “most people.”

She's not sure of a job title, so Coursey jokingly calls herself the school grandma. She's headed Team 180 for three years and turned it around.

She works with middle schoolers struggling in one subject or another – 90 minutes twice a week - to bring up grades and turn weaknesses into strengths. She retired once, but boredom brought her back to find a new challenge and new passion.

“I haven't found anything anymore fun, aside from my grandchildren and my family, than working with kids. I adore these children,” said Coursey.

It goes beyond just a tutorial or remedial lessons, it's a small group setting where kids get more individual time and the benefit of a seasoned teacher who lives to teach.

“This is her mode of relaxation, to work with these middle school students and be blessed by them,” said Assistant Principal Monicca Bohannon.

The success rate for her former students now in high school nears 100 percent.

"I see all the good in them and they can always do better. I just hope I can be a tiny part in them and being their motivation,” said Coursey.

She sees this more of a calling than a part-time job, and is grateful to school leaders who "let her" come back and share in changing lives.

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