Some In, Some Not in Pre-K Lottery

You want to do all you can to make sure your kids get a good start on a good education. And for most, pre-kindergarten is the first stop. But it's crowded. We found some anxious parents trying to get their kids a place in pre-K.

Catherine Ann Lance loves to read. And this fall she'll be reading in her new pre-K class at Gould Elementary. That's because she was one of 40 chosen in the pre-K lottery. The once-a-year event is held at elementary schools across Chatham County.

The State of Georgia pays for pre-K programs, but the space is limited, so schools have to hold lotteries.

"I was so worried," said Elizabeth Lance, Catherine Ann's mother. With her husband deployed in Iraq and two school-aged kids, going Gould was the most convenient option.

"My son's in kindergarten here, so I was really really hoping to get her in here."

But everyone wasn't so lucky. Marilyn Copeland of Savannah has two kids as well, and neither of them were chosen in the random drawing. "They're on the waiting list," she said. "They're number six and seven. So we're hoping to get them in this August."

Elizabeth Lance says she feels for those parents whose kids didn't get in. And for her all she can do is take a deep breath while helping Catherine Ann prepare for the upcoming school year. "I'm just so happy," she told us.

As for the kids that didn't get chosen in the pre-K lottery, there is still hope. A waiting list was formed with the remaining applications and word is that wait isn't too long.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,