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Savannah ranked 3rd most violent city in GA in online list

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It's not uncommon to find lists rating the city or state you live for livability based on the economy, attractions or in some cases crime.

A list recently hit social media that ranks Georgia's most violent cities, based on things like murder, robbery and assault.

Not only was Savannah on the list, it was third for most violent, behind Columbus and Atlanta.

The list cites FBI stats with results from the past year.  However, the numbers don't add up, even when comparing them to 2014 for Savannah, as reported on the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police website. Some city officials believe it's still too early for crime stats from 2015 to be coming out, much less for the whole state.

WTOC called to see if any information was released by the FBI office in Atlanta, but haven't heard back. Whatever the case is, the list definitely has folks talking on social media, and one city official WTOC spoke to welcomes it.

District 4 Alderman Julian Miller serves as a liaison between city council and Savannah-Chatham Metro Police. He says there are plenty of things the city and department are doing to curb violence in Savannah.

"The city is doing a lot of things. Our commitment blight, which contributes to this. Our commitment to poverty eradication. Our commitment to jobs, the internship program the mayors working on now... these all go hand-in-hand to address crime. But it takes everybody to do this. Yes it's important to know this information, and it can't be damaging to our community. All the more reason we all need to work together to fight this,” said Alderman Miller.

Alderman Miller says things like this on social media provide opportunities to talk about the crime problems the city is facing, and about solutions to curb the violence.

"People know who are committing crimes. If we have the participation of those people who know this, then we can help stop some of this. The problem is, there is a fear or reluctance, to participate in this. And in doing so, we are not able to protect our own community,” said Alderman Miller.

The blight tax ordinance proposal is up for a second reading next week, and the mayor’s internship program is coming together. We expect to learn more about that in the coming weeks.

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