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Asked & Answered: When will we see lights at the I-95 and I-16 corridor in Savannah?

Waiting to see lights along the I-16/1-95 corridor soon? Don't hold your breath, it may be a few years. 
As the number of accidents at the I-95/1-16 interchanges go up, there is a push from local and state leaders to light up that corridor. 
They took the concerns to the state capital for Savannah-Chatham Day, but nothing was decided. A WTOC viewer writes, "What ever happened to the lights going to be put up at  I-95 and I-16? It's dark at night and it is the gateway to Savannah."
The Georgia Department of Transportation tells me the idea is still up in the air. The I-95 and I-16 Interchange Reconstruction Project is on GDOT's Major Mobility Investments in Next 10 Years, and work has started on the environmental part of the project. However, it is very early, and there is still no guarantee whether lighting will be a part of the project or not. 
This design aspect of the project won't be delivered until possibly 2018 - two years or more from now. 
There are actually two proposed projects in Chatham County. The I-16/95 Interchange Reconstruction, and the Widening of I-16. These projects would reconstruct the existing I-16 at I-95 interchange with construction of new fly overs and extension of ramps, and widen I-16 with an additional lane along I-16 from I-95 to I-516. The current estimated cost for the two projects is $244 million. 
Again, it doesn't look like lights will be happening for quite some time. Send your questions to askwtoc -- or to WTOC Don Logana on Facebook. 
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