Consider This! - Good News 2/11

Consider This! - Good News 2/11

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Did you hear the Good News this week? 

JaySon Brown, one of our neighbors brought home the gold - as well as the silver - from the Georgia Special Olympic Games. 

Brown, who is 13 years old and autistic, began skating five years ago and as you can see from the smile on his face, he enjoys what he's doing. His mother, as well as his teacher say his reward is more than just medals. They tell us this sport is boosting his confidence and helping him do better in school.

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Another Good News story this week came from Charlotte Coursey, a retired school teacher and principal. Turns out retirement was a little too boring for Coursey, so she's back at school for a couple of hours a week, calling herself the school grandma. Coursey works with middle schoolers struggling in one subject or another, and her work is paying off. 

CLICK HERE: The "School Grandma" shares her story with WTOC

This Good News story out of Bluffton can only be described as beautiful. Over the weekend, the Bluffton High Z-Club decorated the hallways with neon yellow, pink and blue post-it’s, in what they call "Operation Beautiful." They wrote notes saying "You're beautiful" or "You're amazing, have a wonderful day" to give to students as they arrived to school Monday. They did this to help boost confidence of their schoolmates.

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