Day three of Torrey Scott trial complete

Day three of Torrey Scott trail complete.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Forensic and physical evidence were some of the big focuses of testimony on day three of the trial of Torrey Scott.

Scott is charged in connection to the rape of three women and rape and murder of a fourth woman back in late 2013 and early 2014.

In the opening statements of the trial of Torrey Scott, prosecutors said there is DNA evidence linking Scott to two alleged rape cases. The State started the day questioning witnesses who could detail for jurors how the rape kits were competed at Candler Hospital, where both alleged rape victims from Savannah State University were taken.

That kit was sent off to the GBI crime lab for analysis to come up with a possible match to a suspect. About two and a half months after the rape kit was performed, the GBI got a hit on the Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, for Torrey Scott.

The State called the GBI's DNA analyst to the stand today to explain how accurate the CODIS match is.

"For this particular hit that I'm testifying to, the results came back at high stringency. And what that means is that, the profile of the evidence sample matches exactly to the profile from the individual," said the GBI DNA analyst.

The analyst is referencing to Scott.

An ER doctor and several nurses took the stand. The doctor testifying that there were no injuries observed on either woman while conducting a physical exam. But the doctor testified that didn't mean they weren't victims of a sexual assault.

We then got a closer look at some evidence gathered at and around the University Commons dorm, where the two women were allegedly raped by Scott.

A GBI investigator explained for jurors the pictures of a shoe print outside the dorm, and the suspected direction of travel, which was toward a fence line. And that did line up with what was observed by investigators on the surveillance video.

Scott's attorney did point out through cross examination that the shoe print, and fingerprints found on that fence, haven't been tied to Scott.

ADA Frank Pennington, Lead prosecutor: "Was there a continued effort to obtain the prints as required by the search warrant issued by the court?"

Cyrus Purdiman, GBI: "Yes, there was."

Pennington: "And, when you continued that effort, were you able to obtain any useful prints at all from the defendant?"

Purdiman: "He physically resisted, and I was not able to obtain any useful prints."

But one thing Scott's attorney has said from the beginning, he's not denying there was any sex, but insists it was consensual in nature, contrary to what we heard from the alleged victims in testimony on Thursday.

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