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Jurors hear Lisa Pynn murder testimony for first time during Torrey Scott trial

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We are now entering the second week of the trial of Torrey Scott.

Scott is accused of raping four women, and murdering one of those four back in late 2013 into early 2014.

At the beginning, we were told this trial would be broken into three portions, for each case Scott is accused in.

Last week, jurors heard testimony regarding allegations that Scott raped and robbed two Savannah State students. Tuesday was the first time jurors heard more detailed information about the investigation into the murder of Lisa Pynn.

Pynn's body was found by her 6-year-old son in January of 2014 in their Port Wentworth home. Lisa Pynn's husband, who was deployed to Afghanistan at the time of the murder, took the stand and answered questions posed by the State regarding the number of guns that came up missing the same night his wife was murdered.

The first Port Wentworth officers on scene that day took the stand and described for jurors what they observed while securing the crime scene.

Jurors saw pictures inside the master bedroom where Pynn's body was on the bed, a handbag and night vision scope also on the bed. There were also gun cases around the room.

The Chatham County Coroner took the stand to talk about the initial exam of Pynn's body, which revealed to him that strangulation was the likely cause of death. The coroner also testified that he believed Pynn was also the victim of a sexual assault.

"Personally, you don't know of any physical evidence in this case that points to sexual assault, do you?" asked Richard Darden, Scott’s attorney.

"I highly suspected it, I mean I, just the circumstances. But we did not find hard evidence for it,” said Chatham Co. Coroner William Wessinger.

The State played the video recording of the interview with Lisa Pynn's young son, who was six at the time of the murder, and found his mother’s body in her bedroom.

We also heard from one neighbor, who testified that Torrey Scott was frequently seen around the neighborhood and lived a few houses down from the Pynn's. That neighbor testified that she became suspicious when she didn't see Scott for days following the murder.

"When the murder happened, that day, we were all outside for the majority of the day. We never saw him once. For the next couple days, we still didn't see him. It wasn't until about a week later or so that we finally saw him again. He came outside,” said Heather Weaver, Pynn’s neighbor.

"And when he came at this time, did he remain outside, did he do the same things he was doing before, playing with the kids?" asked Chatham Co. Assistant District Attorney Frank Pennington.

"No, no,” replied Weaver.

“What did he do?" asked Pennington.

"Come outside, and then he did go back in. It wasn't hanging out like it used to be,”

The trial resumes Wednesday morning, and is expected to go into next week.

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