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Donald Trump campaigns in the Lowcountry


Republicans in South Carolina go to the polls on Saturday to cast their votes for the presidential primary, and candidates are canvassing the state, trying to gather as much support as they can. 

Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Beaufort on Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds packed Beaufort High School to hear from the man that plans to make “America Great Again.”

Earlier Tuesday, President Barack Obama said Trump will not be the next president because he has faith in the American people. Well, Trump addressed the hundreds of folks at the high school and that comment was the first thing he talked about.

"I mean look at everything, our borders are like Swiss cheese. This man has done such a bad job and set us back so far and for him to say that is a great compliment if I am being honest. You are lucky I didn’t run last time, when Romney ran because you would be a one-term president. That is what I told him,” said Trump.

Trump, coming off the debate on Saturday, with another week filled with quotes to make headlines.

From taking jabs at Jeb Bush and his brother, former President Georgia Bush, to calling Ted Cruz a liar and threatening to bring a lawsuit against him for what he did in Iowa. 

Tuesday, he again dealt with the big issues. Promising to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Promising to obliterate ISIS and something very close to heart for many people in South Carolina and Georgia, he talked about strengthening our military.

"We are so far behind the times militarily and we have to strengthen it up. I am so into that. Honestly, making our military strong, and top of the line, is the cheapest thing we can do,” said Trump.

Trump will be busy this week all across South Carolina, making a number of stops, building momentum for the First in the South Primary on Saturday. As of right now, he is predicted to win this state by a large margin.

He'll be speaking to Sun City Republicans on Wednesday in Bluffton. The event is free and it begins at 10 a.m. at Magnolia Hall on Sun City Lane.

Thursday, Trump heads to Walterboro for another campaign rally.

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