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Good News: Armstrong president jumps to support military


By this time tomorrow, Dr. Linda Bleicken will know what it feels like to fly.

The Armstrong State University president is getting ready to jump out of a perfectly good plane for a perfectly good reason, to celebrate a strong relationship between the university and the military.

"It's a way for me to acknowledge the partnership and what a great piece of our enrollment active duty and military affiliated students are,” said Bleicken. “They represent 10 percent of our students here.”

"With events like this,” added Cpt. Andrew Arbogast, of the U.S. Army Savanah recruiting company. “We hope to even increase the awareness of what's going on here because it's so great in our community.”

The Army has invited a handful of local leaders to accompany the Golden Knights Jump Team to 15,000 feet and then take off into the air on a tandem jump.

"You have no one to talk to at that point except the guy strapped to your back,” said Arbogast. “And he's telling you to hold on for your life.”

Knowing people such as Tiger Woods, Bill Murray and President George Bush have jumped with the Knights is enough to calm any nerves Bleicken might have.

"I try to put that in a separate place next to me and try to think about what a great experience I am going to enjoy while I'm enjoying it,” she said. “I have seen multiple videos of other people doing this and it looks like they are all having an exhilarating time.”

"She is in good hands,” added Arbogast. “If anyone is scared of heights, the people they want to jump with are the Golden Knights.”

So the countdown is on, to the jump and beyond.

"I hope,” said Bleicken, “that I am just enjoying the experience and have something to share with our campus and share with friends and family.”

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