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A Savannah alderman is under fire, facing an ethics complaint


A Savannah alderman is under fire, facing an ethics complaint filed by two of his constituents last week.

Two women from Tony Thomas’ district say they have been victims of his repeated attacks on social media, and that they have had enough.

But the alderman is also speaking out about the claims, and spoke to WTOC in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

The complaint will move forward in the form of an ethics board hearing, which by ordinance, has to take place within 30 days of the filed complaint. The formal complaint was filed a week ago, and lists Debra Kujawa and Karen Thompson as the plaintiffs. Two women Alderman Thomas says he is very familiar with.

"The two individuals that have filed, filed the ethics complaint against me, are people that have been a part of a political agenda, against me, working with others that have been harassing and cyber stalking me for at least the past six months or longer,” said Alderman Thomas. "I'm not going to talk about the information that I'm going to bring to the table if we do go to an ethics hearing, because I have a mountain of evidence against them. Both of these ladies are very capable liars. And I am willing to get that out in the open and prove that, and they are part of something else as well. I won't feel any sympathy for them. They victimized themselves."

Kujawa and Thompson say in the complaint that they have been the subject of Thomas' attacks on social media, specifically his personal Facebook page, since early last December. And they have the evidence to prove it, with numerous screenshots of Thomas' posts. Some with name calling and language we're not including.

Read the full ethics complaint below:

But the 6th District Alderman is standing by what he said.

"To think that I am going to continue to be attacked and not respond is insane. And just because two little ladies, that happened to be two of the biggest liars I've ever known happen to be the individuals to do it, it doesn't mean one bit to me,” said Alderman Thomas.

WTOC reached out to both women, and spoke to Debra Kujawa, who is the apparent target of these posts.

She says she didn't want to go on camera because of the nature of what she believes is an ethics violation by an elected official.  Kujawa says she wants the attacks to stop, and an apology.

Thomas insists he's the target of Kujawa and Thompson's ridicule on social media.

"I have no interest in being friends, apologizing, I would never apologize to her in one million years,” said Alderman Thomas. "I think there is a few, a small pack, out there who don't know how to personally behave themselves. And they should heed the warning. If you're going to throw rocks at people, be prepared to have some thrown back at you.”

An ethics board hearing has yet to be scheduled.

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