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Protests over Alderman Tony Thomas at Savannah City Council

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A group of silent protesters gathered Thursday at City Hall for the regular session meeting to protest District 6 Alderman Tony Thomas.

Specifically, the group says they want to bring attention to some allegations the alderman faces of being a sexual predator, made through social media.

The group of protestors, which included one of his opponents in the recent municipal election, took off their jackets in unison following the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer to reveal the words "predator" on the front, and "no more" on the back.The group says they wanted to bring light in a public forum to the allegations that the 6th District Alderman is a child sex predator. 

"I just want for the record to say that I am a survivor of childhood sexual assault. And I will always speak out because others cannot, and this is important. And I absolutely believe those young men. This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is serious, and something needs to be done about it,” said Marie Burns, protestor.

The display did seem unexpected by Alderman Thomas, when the group took off their jackets revealing the t-shirts underneath following the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer.

WTOC spoke to both the group, and Alderman Thomas, following the demonstration during the council meeting to get a better understanding of what was going on.

The group insists they believe the alleged victims making the accusations in the online videos against Thomas, and want something done about it.

The series of videos on social media right now call Thomas a sex predator and drug user. Allegations Thomas calls far out and part of a political agenda against him.

"Look at those tapes. Look at those young men's faces. They're not lying. Anyone who knows anything about this subject knows that they are telling the truth. I know. It happened to me and I know good and damn well it happened to them,” said Burns.

Thomas knew the group’s intention and shrugged off the allegations, saying he's not guilty of any of them, calling the group liars.

"I have heard and watched these little videos, or whatever. I am not guilty of any of these things. These folks that are strewing these lies across the Internet and all, are just that, liars. And if they feel they have been wronged like that, they should go to the courts. They should go get it investigated,” said Alderman Thomas.

Thomas is not facing any charges on any of the allegations.

"These real just, far out allegations are part of a political agenda that's playing itself out.  I'm a very strong person and I'll be standing after they all fade away,” said Thomas. 

He says he believes it's just internet hysteria, and said toward the end of the interview, "go prove it." 

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