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City of Savannah to install cell tower system


The city of Savannah is moving forward to install a stealth cell tower system to give you better cell service downtown, without disrupting the historical landscape.

City council members voted unanimously to go with the recommendation to install boxes at 26 locations around downtown Savannah. The cell boxes will have each major carrier represented, and will help do away with the need to bring in temporary cell towers for major events, like the St. Patrick's Day Festival.

"I think it's a pretty big deal, because it's really going to help. Plus the fact that they've gone to great extremes to make sure that they blend in. If it's on a white pole, it's white. If it's dark, it's dark, so it's hard to see them. We had some photographs that show where they are going to place them. So, it doesn't disrupt the views anywhere, and we are pleased they went to those extremes," said Alderman Brian Foster, District 2. 

Alderman Foster says he anticipates the installation to begin right away.

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